Haldimand County Miniature Horse 4H Club

4-H Clover 

  4H Pledge
My Head to clearer thinking
My Heart to greater loyalty
My Hands to larger service
My Health to better living
For my club, my community and my country.
 4H motto is “Learn to do by Doing”
4-H is available to Youth ages 9 (as of January 1st) to 21 years of age.  Sign up day is in February.

Haldimand Miniature Horse Club was started in 2006 and continues to grow.

The club became very popular and is now offered at three various levels.  Members get "hands on experience" at each session.

Introduction to Miniature Horses: This club is for first year members and is a prerequisite for the showmanship club. Members learn how to safely halter, lead and handle horses. Grooming, hoof care, first aid, equine anatomy and colour are covered.

Showmanship: For members who wish to continue into the show ring at local fall fairs; members learn how to prepare their horse for showmanship classes as well as halter obstacle, jumping and costume. Achievement is at Caledonia Fair.

Harness Driving Club: This is for the advanced member who has completed two years of showmanship.  Members learn how to safely harness, hitch and drive a miniature horse for pleasure.  Members compete in a Youth Harness Driving Class at a local fair for the Achievement.

The Miniature Horse Club also participates in local parades; but most of all we just have FUN.

Harness Driving at CNE 

Showmanship Achievement
at Caledonia Fair

Harness Driving at the CNE

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