HANNA’s Irish Dexters

Cattle have returned to the Hanna Farm after an absence of 28 years. Originally the farm consisted of various breeds (Holstein, Hereford and Angus) of cattle from 1937 - 1982; today the farm is home to Dexter cattle, the smallest purebred cattle in the world. Dexters are an old dual purpose breed originating from southern Ireland where they were known as the “poor man’s cow”, being a very hardy breed and able to survive on sparse pastures.

Facts about Dexters:
• Height: Approx 40 inches tall.
• Weight: Cows 700 – 800 pounds. Bulls – 1000 pounds.
• Colour: Black is the most common colour, but red and dun are also available.
• Meat: Lean, well marbled, tender and high in quality.
• Milk: One cow can produce 2 – 3 gallons of rich high natural butterfat milk per day.
• Age Expectancy: A long lived breed; cows are known to produce calves into their 20’s.
• Disposition: Calm, gentle and very curious.
• Dexters are preserved by the Rare Breeds of Canada. www.rarebreedscanada.org
• Canadian born Dexters are registered with the Canadian Dexter Cattle Association. www.dextercattle.ca

Meet Our Dexters. Left: Molly, Annie, Pepper and Dolly    Right: Molly
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