Hoover’s Garage

A young fellow we know has built himself a magnificent new shop is has started working on vehicles.

I thought I would make him a sign for his new garage.

Finished sign
Hoover’s Garage finished

I have some very old redoak flooring that a friend had given me. I cut three of the boards to 300mm length and carved my design into each of them.


The frame was cut from some 1 x 2 pine. I routered a half inch groove into one the piece and cut it to length to form the 4 sides.

Sign assembly

Everything was fitted together before finishing. Overall size is about 12″ x 12″.

Then a couple of coats of varnish were applied to the oak pieces and the individual letters painted by hand. A dark walnut stain was put on the pine frame and then varnished.

This project was finished a week ago, but I just gave it to him today.

Designed in Carbide Create. Carved on my Genmitsu 3018 PROVer using a 120 degree V-bit.

Joe’s Garage

It wasn’t very large

There was just enough room to cram the drums

In the corner over by the Dodge

It was a fifty-four

With a mashed up door

And a cheesy little amp

With a sign on the front said “Fender Champ”

And a second hand guitar

It was a Stratocaster with a whammy bar

No, no! Not that Joe’s Garage!

My youngest son Joe built a garage at his home in Hamilton last year. It was quite a project and it turned out really great.

To help commemorate his accomplishment, I made a sign this June to give to him.

Joe’s Garage

Designed in Carbide Create. Carved in a piece of maple with a 90 degree V-bit on my Genmitsu PROVer-3018.

Beetlebaum and Prince Canaveral

Back in the spring, I made a couple of signs to give to the young lady who purchased two of our horses, Beetlebaum and Prince Canaveral.

I imported photos we had of these horses into Easel software and came up with these designs.

Prince Canaveral design in Easel
Beetle design in Easel

The designs were carved into a couple pieces of wood (poplar I think), then a coat of shellac was applied for a sealant.

Beetle and Prince C carved and sealed

Next, I mixed up some epoxy with black colourant and filled the carvings.

Beetle with epoxy filled

A good sanding cleaned up any spill-over and I then applied three or four coats of varnish. On the back side, I cut a key-hole so they could be hung up and added my logo.

The finished products.