Big bucks and does

A couple projects I finished up this week. With deer hunting season over this year, I wanted to create something with that theme in mind.

I found a nice graphic of a buck’s head on the interwebs and imported it into my design software. I had a nice piece of maple on my shelf, about 10-1/2 x 6-1/2 inches and I carved the following design into it.

Buck’s Head on maple

I used a 120 degree V-bit to do the V-carve and it took about an hour to complete. I also carved my logo on the back and added a keyhole so it could be hung on a wall. I sealed the wood with a coat of shellac and after it dried, I applied a coat of black acrylic paint to fill in the carved areas. The next day it was on to the sander where I removed the excess paint and shellac and returned it to bare wood. Three coats of Tung & Teak Oil completed the project.

I had another graphic of a buck and doe that I liked, so I cut it into an 8-1/2 x 11 inch piece of pine. This time I made a simple pocket cut with a 1/8 inch flatnose endmill followed by a finer contour cut with a 1.4 mm endmill. My logo and a keyhole were cut into the back side.

Buck & Doe on pine

Again, the wood was sealed with shellac as a sealant. After it dried I hand painted the cut out area with dark acrylic paints, mostly blacks and greens. Then it went to the sander to remove excess paint and shellac. This piece was finished with three coats of Danish oil as I liked the effect it had on the pine.

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