Prince Reno

Strong’s Prince Reno is a horse bred and born in our barn. He is now owned by Kristen, a young lady who is close to our family. So close, we often call her our “second daughter”. I wanted to make a gift for her featuring Reno.

Reno on the run

The above picture was taken for Kristen last fall by Heidi Fast. It would be the base for my carve. I popped this picture into Photoshop and came up with the image below.

Reno photo after editing

Now I had something that I could use with my CNC. I used the trace image feature in Carbide Create to import the image and generate toolpaths.

I carved it into a piece of poplar using 2 toolpaths for the image, first a pocket cut with a 1/8 inch endmill, then a contour cut with a 1 mm endmill. Both these cuts were 1 mm in depth. Lastly, a V-cut was used for the lettering using a 90 degree Vee bit.

Reno plaque and stall name plate

Above is the finished product. I made an 2nd smaller piece with just the V-cut letters which she could use as a stall name plate. I pre-drilled and counter-sunk holes for mounting and included screws and wooden caps. The back of the bigger piece has a keyhole for hanging as well as my logo.

Both pieces were sealed with a layer of polyurethane and then hand painted and sanded smooth to remove any spill-over. An additional 2 coats of polyurethane were applied for the final finish.

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