Pi OS 64 bit

Raspberry Pi’s new 64 bit operating system (OS) was released about a week ago. Today, I decided to upgrade my RPi 4B to the new 64 bit OS.

While the RPi 4B is a 64 bit machine, the previous version of Pi OS was 32 bit. I was having some issues with my 4B occasionally freezing up, especially when surfing the web with the Chromium browser. I installed Firefox-esr to see if it worked any better, but it was only available in ver. 78 and some sites didn’t render properly, notably Amazon.ca

After installing the new 64 bit Pi OS, I noticed a significant improvement. Performance wise, the RPi seems a bit faster, but most importantly the freeze-ups are non existent!

And I was able to install an up-to-date version of Firefox. Web browsing is greatly improved.

I will continue testing, but I think I’m going to be happy this version.

One of the reasons, I bought the RPi 4B was to try different Llinux distributions, known as “distros”. I will give some of the other 64 bit distros a try and I’ll post about the ones I like or don’t like.

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