ADSB Exchange

My ADS-B receiver has been working fine on my Raspbery Pi 4B. Using the cheap kit antenna I’m receiving signals from aircraft up to approximately 50 miles, depending on their elevation.

I found a site called ADSB Exchange that collects data from volunteer feeders and aggregates it onto a publicly available map. I was able to establish a connection with their network and I am now feeding ADS-B data to them. So if you view their map, some of the data you see is coming from my ground station.

ADSB Exchange

The above image shows an aircraft I was tracking. It was a Boeing 737-800 out of Toronto YYZ, Flair flight FLE111 as shown on the sidebar.

The jagged lines on the map indicate the range of my reciever. The map expands as planes fly through it and are detected, so it is constantly changing. It’s a nice feature and it tells me I need to relocate my antenna to a better spot. It is presently sitting on the floor just inside the patio door.

When the weather gets a little nicer, I will try to locate my antenna outdoors. I may also try to build a home-made antenna for better reception. There’s lots of instructional videos on line.

After my initial setup, I was unable to establish a feeder connection with FlightAware, so I’m not contributing data to their network.

I have been snapping photos of aircraft that fly close by. This morning I saw a helicopter heading our way and got this pic just as it flew over the house.

Aerospatiale AS-350
From the ADSB Exchange website

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