Another Cutting Board

Had a request for another cutting board from my real estate agent daughter. This is the second one for this client.

This was different type of cutting board than the first one, still made from solid maple laminate.

Because of the style of board, I was able to cut the letters a little bit bigger and thus a bit deeper with the 90 Degree and 60 Degree V-bits.

The logo symbol at left was a simple pocket cut with a 1.5 mm single flute downcut bit.

After giving the piece a light sanding, some clear epoxy was applied and allowed to cure for 72 hours. The epoxy fills the carved out areas and makes the surface nice and smooth.

Then it was given a good sanding to remove excess epoxy followed by a coat of my beeswax/mineral oil mixture. That finish really brings out the beauty of the maple – the photos don’t do it justice.

As before, this was designed in Carbide Create and carved on my Genmitsu 3018 PROVer CNC machine using CNCjs.

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