In Loving Memory of…

A friend requested that I make a wall plaque in memory of his mother who passed away recently. He wanted a wooden spoon attached to the carving, which he supplied. Here is the design I came up with.

Finished job

This piece was too big to carve in one run on my 3018 PROVer, so I made two separate carves. The top letters which say “In Loving Memory of Mom” were carved with a 90 degree V-bit. The workpiece was then re-positioned in the CNC so I could carve the lower part with the heart, her name (which I have blurred in the photo) and the years. I switched to a 60 degree V-bit for the lower part as these letters were slightly smaller than the ones at top.

The piece was made of laminated maple and I put an edge on it with a roundover bit in my router before carving the letters. I also routered a groove on the back with my keyhole bit so it could be hung up.

I finished it with my beeswax / mineral oil paste. I applied the same finish to the wooden spoon and attached it with a couple of countersunk 1″ wood screws from the back.

This was a fun and challenging project. I hope my friend is happy with it.

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