Acer Veriton

I picked up a used Acer Veriton X2631G desktop the other day from someone on Marketplace. It’s a nice compact sized desktop computer and even though it’s older, it has some nice stats.

Acer Veriton
  • Dual Core Pentium G3220 64 Bit at 3 GHz
  • 6 Gbytes RAM
  • 500 Gbyte Hard Disk
  • DVD player/recorder
  • 2 x USB 3.0 ports plus 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • VGA Video out @ 1366×768
  • Windows 10

It didn’t come with a keyboard, mouse or Wifi card (but it did have an ethernet port). I bought a cheap keyboard from Amazon, plugged in an old mouse and used the ethernet port on the machine to connect to my home network.

Linux Mint Cinnamon

Yesterday I installed Linux Mint 20.3 and configured the machine for dual boot so I can startup in either Windows or Linux. I will be using both because some apps that I use are available in Windows but not Linux, and vice versa. So far I’m finding the machine responsive and a 3 GHz it’s fast enough. I’m really liking the Linux Mint environment and I allocated the majority of the disk space to it.


Another new foal in the barn this Saturday. I was on my way to the range shortly after 7AM when Wendy called to tell me about this little fellow. He arrived sometime between 6AM and 7AM.

I snapped the photo below around 6PM after I got home from the club.

Bandido at about 12 hours old

He is uniquely marked and we both agreed that “Bandido” is the correct name for him.

My son Stephen got a few more pictures of Bandido on Sunday when he got outside for the first time.

Strong’s Bandido
Getting some exercise