Dust collection & Spoilboard

In the last couple of days I re-configured the dust collection system in my shop and made a spoilboard for my new Onefinity Woodworker.

Up until now, I had been using an old shop vac connected to a cyclone separator to provide suction for my dust collection system. It worked OK, but being right beside the CNC machine in the workshop it was loud. And being old, I think it also drew a lot of power. I would sometimes trip a breaker when running it and another power tool at the same time.

We have a central vacuum system in the house and it is on it’s own circuit. And it’s in another room so it’s much quieter in the shop when it’s running. So I tied my dust collection system into the central vac and solved both problems.

Dust shoe

I bought a dust shoe from a seller on Etsy (link). I had never bought anything on Etsy before but I was very happy with this. It shipped really fast and fit on the router like a glove. The brush on the bottom of the shoe is held in place by magnets and it simply pulls off when needed to change bits, etc. I bought some vacuum hose with adapters from Canadian Tire and as you can see in the photo, one of the adapters fit perfectly into the dust shoe. It has a quick connect coupling so I can remove and replace the hose easily.

T-track was ordered from Amazon for my spoilboard. The track arrived yesterday so I able to start building the spoilboard. I made it from 2 layers of 3/4 inch MDF. The bottom layer is approx 36×42 inches and fits nicely within the footprint of the Onefinity. I scribed an outline of the Onefinity’s work area on the bottom layer, along with lines to show where the t-track would go.

Work area outline and t-tracks positions

I cut 5 equal sized pieces of MDF for the top layer and aligned them with the t-tracks using the outline I scribed in the bottom layer. The t-track was screwed down with #6 x 1 inch screws and the MDF with #8 x 1 1/4 inch screws.

After everything was fastened down, I surfaced the wasteboard with a 22 mm surfacing bit in the CNC. I made 2 passes taking just 0.4 mm per pass. After the 2nd pass the whole wasteboard was perfectly flat.

After surfacing the spoilboard

I plan to add a grid pattern to the spoilboard to help align projects but I’m still looking at a couple of patterns I found on the interwebs. I also made one of my own in Carbide Create.


Amazon had some nice looking clamps made by O’Skool and I bought a couple. I also made some out of wood scraps. These wooden clamps were carved on my 3018 CNC machine.

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