My Onefinity Woodworker X-35 arrived today. I spent the afternoon getting it assembled and set up in my shop, which is almost ready for it. The 1F got here sooner than I expected, so I’m not quite ready yet. But I did make a table for it. I still need to make and surface a spoilboard and connect my dust collection.

This first picture was taken while I was assembling it and checking to make sure everything was square.

During assembly

Onefinity (a Canadian company) provides excellent assembly instructions via a video on their website. The machine itself is well designed and goes together relatively easy if you follow the instructions and make sure everything is square.

Here is the machine after I completed the assembly, did a few tests and a bit of cable management (under the table).

Fully assembled and tested

I’m looking forward to making projects on my Onefinity. My old 3018 did a great job for what it was capable of. But this machine is much bigger, sturdier and faster. Here’s the Onefinity going through a homing cycle.

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