Cutting board for SCMHC

I made another cutting board this morning witht he logo for the South Coast Miniature Horse Connection in the lower right corner.

SCMHC logo on board

The board is a 12×18 inch bamboo cutting board. The logo was carved using an Advanced V-carve toolpath designed in Carbide Create. I used a 1/8 inch flatnose endmill to clear out the area of the horse image and then a 90 Degree V-bit for the outline of the horse and the remainder of the carve. Done on my Onefinity Woodworker CNC machine. Finished with a coat of food-safe beeswax and mineral oil mixture.

The full cutting board


NWORA Plaque

NWORA is the National Wall of Remembrance Association, honouring Canada’s fallen heroes. My wife’s cousin is very involved with this group. I made this plaque for him after he and his wife visited a couple of weeks ago and we had chatted about it. He left me a copy of their magazine and after reading it, I took a look at their website.

I had an idea to make this and “borrowed” their logo from the website. Carved on my Onefinity Woodworker CNC in a piece of laminated maple about 15×9 inches. I hand painted the red maple leaf and finished the wood with a couple of coats of polyurethane. I shipped it to him last week.

Just got a call today that it has been delivered and he’s very pleased with it. I’m glad he’s happy!

Grand River Regulators

Grand River Regulators

Oak sign made on my Onefinity CNC for our Cowboy Action group at the gun club. It’s a simple V-carve made using a 90 Degree bit. The wood is some very very old red oak tongue & groove flooring that I glued together to make a piece approximately 13 in x 19 in. It was given a coat of dark walnut stain before carving.

The photo shows it in the frame I made for it out of 1×2’s. I wanted it to have a rustic look so I think that works.

Hallowe’en Lanterns

These Hallowe’en lanterns are made from 1×6 cedar boards. The “faces” are carved on my Onefinity CNC and then the pieces assembled.

I have a few more designs which I will make soon. They can be made with or without bottoms or handles. The ones with bottoms have an opening in the back for insertion of a light. The ones without bottoms can just be placed over a light source. I recommend a battery powered LED light.

I have some battery powered LED candle lights on order. These lights flicker and cycle thru different colours and are cool and safe to use. We will see how they look when they come in. For now, I put a white “puck light” inside this one to see the effect.

I think they look pretty good. My front window will probably have a few of these this Halowe’en.