Wildlife Scenes

Here’s a couple of new projects I carved on the Onefinity CNC.

The first is three deer in the forest with mountains in the background. It’s carved in a piece of 11.5 x 17 inch select pine. The wood was sealed and then I hand painted the cut areas with black acrylic. After it dried I gave it a sanding to remove the excess paint. Then two coats of clear polyurethane finished it off.

The second is a Welcome sign featuring a moose with mountains in the background again. This one is made on a piece of 11.5 x 11.5 inch select pine. This time I stained the wood with a dark walnut colour before carving. I then carved out the background using the Advanced Vcarve method in Carbide Create. I used a 1/8 inch spiral upcut bit for clearance and my 4-flute 90 degree bit for the final cut. When finished I applied 2 coats of polyurethane.

More lanterns

I’ve been making batches of these Hallowe’en lanterns for a week or so. Sold a few on Marketplace. They’re made from red cedar pickets and include an LED light that changes colour. I’m asking $25 each, 2 for $45 and 3 for $60.

Here’s some pics of the latest bunch. The faces are cut on my Onefinity CNC machine.

Walnut cutting board

Walnut cutting board

Carved this walnut cutting board yesterday for a friend who wanted a hunting theme. She planned to give it to her husband for Christmas. But as it turns out, she couldn’t wait and gave it to him today! So I’m OK to post this picture.

Walnut cutting board, clearing pass with 1/8 inch upcut endmill, V-carve with a 90 Degree V-bit. Finished with beeswax and mineral oil.