New Maple & Walnut cutting boards

Just finished these cutting boards. First time for me laminating two different woods, hard maple and walnut.

unfinished and finished

I cut them both on the CNC from the same piece and sanded them down to 200 grit. They are approx 8 x 16 inches. The one on the right has been finished with a food-safe mixture of mineral oil & beeswax. The one on the left is unfinished.

These can be custom engraved and are available in my on-line store.

Christmas Ornament

This rather large Christmas ornament is made from MDF and is approx 11.25 inches (300mm) round.

I started off with a 12 inch square piece of MDF, gave it 2 coats of red acrylic paint with 2 coats of clear polyurethane on top. Then it was off the to CNC machine where the images of Santa and the reindeer and the words were carved. Then a final contour pass to cut out the circle and make it round.

The one you see here was hand-painted in gold, yellow and green. I’m offering these ornaments for sale in my on-line store customized with your family name. There’s 2 versions, one fully painted as shown here and one with just the background painted and sealed. You can leave it as-is or finish it yourself with whatever colours you like. I recommend acrylic paints. Be careful and just wipe off any excess paint with a damp sponge or cloth. It’s not very difficult and makes for a fun project while adding your own personal touch.

SCMHC Awards

I had the honour to be asked to make some awards for the South Coast Miniature Horse club for their year-end banquet. Here are some of the happy winners.

The award plaques on my CNC

They are made from laminated maple, carved on my Onefinity Woodworker, sealed, painted, sanded and finished with 3 coats of polyurethane. I cut keyholes on the reverse using the CNC as well.