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Joe’s Garage

It wasn’t very large

There was just enough room to cram the drums

In the corner over by the Dodge

It was a fifty-four

With a mashed up door

And a cheesy little amp

With a sign on the front said “Fender Champ”

And a second hand guitar

It was a Stratocaster with a whammy bar

No, no! Not that Joe’s Garage!

My youngest son Joe built a garage at his home in Hamilton last year. It was quite a project and it turned out really great.

To help commemorate his accomplishment, I made a sign this June to give to him.

Joe’s Garage

Designed in Carbide Create. Carved in a piece of maple with a 90 degree V-bit on my Genmitsu PROVer-3018.

Joe & Kelli anniversary

Yesterday was Joe & Kelli’s 13th anniversary. I carved this from a piece of maple on my 3018 PROVer and finished it with teak/tung oil.

Joe & Kelli Strong

There’s also a couple of smaller blocks with the kids names and birthdates, but I can’t find a photo right now.

Happy anniversary you two!

Sherry Jones – Golfi Team

Our daughter Sherry has joined the Rob Golfi team at Remax Escarpment Golfi Realty as a Sales Representative in Niagara. Link.

Sherry Jones, Remax

Sherry recently completed all her courses and exams through Humber College and is now registered with the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO).

Congratulations Sherry on all your hard work that has gotten you this far. Good luck with your new career!