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Fall Deer Hunt 2021

The 2021 Fall deer hunt is now in the books. Together with Dave B., Frank P. and Angelo S., we had another successful hunt.

Opening day we saw lots of deer, including one huge buck who teased us in the soybean field with a couple of does. I was the closest to him but was still well over 300 yards – so no possibility of a shot.

The morning of Day 2 we were blessed to have a few deer run by the tree stands we has set up along the western bush line. Dave and Frank were manning them and Dave managed to shoot both a doe and a buck.

Dave with his buck & doe

We immediately noticed that our big buck was back again in the soybeans. This time he found another younger buck to play with. Too far for a shot once again but we came up with a strategy for the next day.

Day 2 success

On Wednesday (Day 3), Dave and I repositioned closer to where the big buck had been and we waited for him to return. Frank and Angelo covered the hay field. I had a beautiful spot overlooking the soybeans, but the big guy was a no show.

My spot on Day 3

We decided to use Thursday (day 4) to butcher our kills and the four of us spent the day in Dave’s garage.

Hard at work
Cuts from the buck

Friday we set up the same as Wednesday, hoping that big buck would return. Unfortunately all we had was great weather and not sign of bucky.

My tree

Saturday was our last day. Having been frustrated by Bucky, I returned to my regular position in the hay field at the back of the farm. Frank took one of the tree stands and Dave was in a ground blind, close to where Bucky had been playing. Angelo was unable to join us.

After seeing nothing all morning, Dave walked back to where Frank and I were. We decided to call it a day and were walking back when up ahead we saw 3 deer poke their heads out right where Dave’s ground blind was!!! Too far for a shot so we just watched them as they looked at us and eventually took off for safer pastures.

Two deer seems to be our average. This is the 3rd year I have hunted deer and each year we have managed to get two.