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Site administration

New on-line store

Well, I’ve added an on-line store to the website. Some of my woodworking projects are now available for purchase through the site. I’ve put them into categories of Cutting Boards, Signs and Seasonal (my Halloween lanterns for now).

I’m pretty new to this e-commerce thing and this is my first attempt at an on-line store. I have not set up a payment system, so for now the site will just send you an invoice which can be paid in cash or by e-transfer. Also, I am not offering delivery. I have found shipping costs these days are very high, like everything else. So for now it is local pickup/drop off only.

You can visit my store by clicking STORE in the top menu bar, or just click here.

New widget

A minor upgrade to the website tonight with the addition of a couple of widgets from First up is this ticker.

I have always displayed charts on my website for Gold, Silver and CAD/USD using widgets from Kitco. However this new widget lets me display a lot more info and the data updates live (the old Kitco widgets had to be refreshed).

The ticker will display Canadian$ / US$, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Etherium, Crude Oil and whatever other commodities I decide to add.

In addition, I added a graph further down the page to show trend lines for CAD/USD, USD/CAD and CAD/GBP. You can click to select the currency and the scale. I hope my visitors will find these new widgets useful.