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A couple more…

Here’s a couple more projects that I made that were to be given as Christmas presents. It should be safe to publish these now.

Above is a bear shaped cutting board made from walnut.

Below is a farm scene on pine which I designed per the customer’s request.

NWORA revisited

A while back I posted about a plaque I made for my wife’s cousin for his organization, The National Wall of Remembrance Association (NWORA). I sent the original plaque as a gift, but they liked it so much they have requested that I make more.

Here’s a set of 5 sample plaques I sent him, each one with a different colour stain applied so they can choose one they like best.

Cutting Boards

Three more more cutting boards made November 25th. They’re all 12 x 18 inch bamboo boards with custom designs per the customer. They will be Christmas presents so I will delay publishing these photos.

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