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Update: As of July 24 2022 I have a new CNC machine – a Onefinity Woodworker X35. It’s much bigger and beefier than my 3018 shown below and allows me to make bigger projects much faster. The Onefinity is made right here in Ontario and is huge step up from my 3018 Prover.

The 1F’s cutting area is a whopping 816 x 816 mm (32.25 x 32.25 inches). Compare that to the 3018 which has an actual cutting area of just 285 x 165 mm (11 x 7 inches). The 1F uses a much more powerful Makita 1.25 HP router than the 3018’s 60W spindle and given the machine’s solid structure with 35mm linear rails, ball screw drives and NEMA-23 stepper motors, it can cut many times faster and deeper.

Onefinity X-35 Woodworker

The photo above shows my 1F Woodworker with the spoilboard I made from 3/4 inch MDF and T-tracks, dust shoe and hookup to my dust collection system. On the shelf below sits my 3018 PROVer with a sheet over it.

For more information about the Onefinity machines, please visit their website.

I used my down time during the 2020-21 covid lockdowns to fix up my long-neglected workshop and get back to a little bit of woodworking. Now that I’m retired (and older) I find I have much more patience for this hobby.

I am no master carpenter but I will use this website to show some of the projects I’ve created.


In March 2021, I bought a hobbyist CNC machine and taught myself how to use it (with lots of help from the interwebs). It’s a nice little machine, a Genmitsu 3018-PROVer from Sainsmart. I run it with software from Candle, UGS or my new favourite CNCjs. I make my designs primarily with Carbide Create or Easel.

Genmitsu 3018-PROVer CNC machine