Sometime in the early hours of May 21st we had a new addition to the barn. Tia Maria had a newborn foal in her stall when Wendy went to the barn at 6 AM. He wasn’t there the night before when I did a barn check at 10 PM. My barn camera didn’t record the event because of a problem wth the memory card so we don’t know the exact time. I did get this photo from the barn camera later.

Wendy with Tia and Jalapeño

He’s a beautiful sorrel colour and we all agreed he’s a match for our “Pepper Boys”, Cayenne Pepper and Red Hot Chili Pepper. So I suggested we call him Jalapeño Pepper.

Jalapeño meets Chili and Cayenne

We got him oustide the very next day and he had a chance to meet the Pepper Boys. He’s gonna fit right in with that crowd.


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