Miniature Horses

Bandido & Jalapeno
Strongs Bandido de ojos AzulesSoldS2022black mane, white tailYesYes
Strongs Chiantis China BelleM2017palomino pintaloosaYesYes
Strongs Chiantis DiabloSold S2004black appaloosaYesYesYes
Strongs Chiantis Texas TeaG2014appaloosaYesYes
Strongs DominiqueSoldM2002black roan appaloosaYesYesYes
Strongs the Frisco KidSoldG2000PintaloosaYesYes
Strongs Lucky Lil GingerM2005black/bay and white pintoYesYes
Strongs Prince Jalapeno PepperS2022ChestnutYesYes
Strongs Princess EvitaM2022Palomino (falabella blend)Yes
Strongs Red Hot Chili PepperG2005chestnut w flaxen mane/tailYesYes
Strongs Rosa MariaM2000chestnut pintaloosaYesYes
Strong’s Tia MariaM2013palomino pintoYesYes
Leaning Pines Weeping WillowM2012palomino (falabella blend)Yes
Sreenan’s PreciousM1991chestnut pintoYesYesYes

Legend: S=Stallion M=Mare G=Gelding P=Pending

Toyland Domino – our original herd sire
Reference StallionsDescription
Toyland Dominob/w pintaloosa, 1st stallion, won Grand Champion Stallion, Obstacle, Colour, Driving, Jumping (deceased)
Rancho Casa Bellas Chianti IISon of original Chianti, appaloosa, leased from B. Sreenan of FL. Champion driving horse. (deceased)
Strong’s MartinoBay, 1st homebred stud, Sire of Chili, Cayenne, Ginger and more
Strong’s Chianti Diablogorgeous little appaloosa
Strong’s Golden Chianti(deceased)
Strong’s Golden Chianti Jr.gorgeous golden palomino with many foals, awesome personality
Strong’s Prince Renoowned by K. Smith
Benview Princeb/w pinto. AF Sire, excellent pedigree
Victoria’s Chico Azul (Blue)owned by M. Garlow. Gorgeous black / blue eyes.