Hoover’s Garage

A young fellow we know has built himself a magnificent new shop is has started working on vehicles.

I thought I would make him a sign for his new garage.

Finished sign
Hoover’s Garage finished

I have some very old redoak flooring that a friend had given me. I cut three of the boards to 300mm length and carved my design into each of them.


The frame was cut from some 1 x 2 pine. I routered a half inch groove into one the piece and cut it to length to form the 4 sides.

Sign assembly

Everything was fitted together before finishing. Overall size is about 12″ x 12″.

Then a couple of coats of varnish were applied to the oak pieces and the individual letters painted by hand. A dark walnut stain was put on the pine frame and then varnished.

This project was finished a week ago, but I just gave it to him today.

Designed in Carbide Create. Carved on my Genmitsu 3018 PROVer using a 120 degree V-bit.

Joe’s Garage

It wasn’t very large

There was just enough room to cram the drums

In the corner over by the Dodge

It was a fifty-four

With a mashed up door

And a cheesy little amp

With a sign on the front said “Fender Champ”

And a second hand guitar

It was a Stratocaster with a whammy bar

No, no! Not that Joe’s Garage!

My youngest son Joe built a garage at his home in Hamilton last year. It was quite a project and it turned out really great.

To help commemorate his accomplishment, I made a sign this June to give to him.

Joe’s Garage

Designed in Carbide Create. Carved in a piece of maple with a 90 degree V-bit on my Genmitsu PROVer-3018.

Beetlebaum and Prince Canaveral

Back in the spring, I made a couple of signs to give to the young lady who purchased two of our horses, Beetlebaum and Prince Canaveral.

I imported photos we had of these horses into Easel software and came up with these designs.

Prince Canaveral design in Easel
Beetle design in Easel

The designs were carved into a couple pieces of wood (poplar I think), then a coat of shellac was applied for a sealant.

Beetle and Prince C carved and sealed

Next, I mixed up some epoxy with black colourant and filled the carvings.

Beetle with epoxy filled

A good sanding cleaned up any spill-over and I then applied three or four coats of varnish. On the back side, I cut a key-hole so they could be hung up and added my logo.

The finished products.

Joe & Kelli anniversary

Yesterday was Joe & Kelli’s 13th anniversary. I carved this from a piece of maple on my 3018 PROVer and finished it with teak/tung oil.

Joe & Kelli Strong

There’s also a couple of smaller blocks with the kids names and birthdates, but I can’t find a photo right now.

Happy anniversary you two!

New widget

A minor upgrade to the website tonight with the addition of a couple of widgets from Tradingview.com. First up is this ticker.

I have always displayed charts on my website for Gold, Silver and CAD/USD using widgets from Kitco. However this new widget lets me display a lot more info and the data updates live (the old Kitco widgets had to be refreshed).

The ticker will display Canadian$ / US$, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Etherium, Crude Oil and whatever other commodities I decide to add.

In addition, I added a graph further down the page to show trend lines for CAD/USD, USD/CAD and CAD/GBP. You can click to select the currency and the scale. I hope my visitors will find these new widgets useful.

Projects: 10, Caley & Tommy

A couple of projects I’m just finishing up.

The first is a wedding gift requested by my son Steve for his friends. This was carved using a 60 Degree V-bit on soft maple and then sealed with 4 coats of teak/tung oil.

The graphics of the celtic knots on the corners and the wedding rings were just images downloaded from the interwebs and traced into my CAD software.

The 2nd is a house number sign I made for a friend. This one was a pocket cut with a 1/8 inch endmill in soft maple. I sealed the wood with shellac then painted the numbers and border with acrylic paint. The shellac was applied only to seal the wood to prevent any bleeding of the paint so I sanded it off to get back to the bare wood. Five coats of semi-gloss polyurethane finished it off.

Both projects are approximately 300mm x 165 mm. Both were designed in Carbide Create and carved on my Genmitsu 3018 PROVer.