New table for CNC

I built a new table for my CNC machine. It’s 2×4 construction with a surface area of 49 inches by 60 inches (4ft x 5 ft). I found some plans on the interwwebs from this guy and made only very slight modifications to raise the table height by 1.5 inches so it aligns with my extension table on my saw.

Table frame

I put casters under the feet so I can roll the table away from the wall when necessary for cleaning or whatever. Each caster is rated for 88 lbs of weight, so the 4 of them should handle the job nicely.

Table with top

The top is made from a single piece of 3/4 inch baltic birch plywood that I bought some time ago without any particular purpose in mind. I guess I found a good use for it. The sheet was 5 ft square when purchased so I cut a strip 11 inches off one side and it fit perfectly on my new table frame.

Table with my Genmitsu 3018 PROVer and laptop

Here is the new table with my CNC machine and laptop on it. Hmmm. I think this table could hold a bigger CNC machine… (to be continued).

Acer Veriton

I picked up a used Acer Veriton X2631G desktop the other day from someone on Marketplace. It’s a nice compact sized desktop computer and even though it’s older, it has some nice stats.

Acer Veriton
  • Dual Core Pentium G3220 64 Bit at 3 GHz
  • 6 Gbytes RAM
  • 500 Gbyte Hard Disk
  • DVD player/recorder
  • 2 x USB 3.0 ports plus 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • VGA Video out @ 1366×768
  • Windows 10

It didn’t come with a keyboard, mouse or Wifi card (but it did have an ethernet port). I bought a cheap keyboard from Amazon, plugged in an old mouse and used the ethernet port on the machine to connect to my home network.

Linux Mint Cinnamon

Yesterday I installed Linux Mint 20.3 and configured the machine for dual boot so I can startup in either Windows or Linux. I will be using both because some apps that I use are available in Windows but not Linux, and vice versa. So far I’m finding the machine responsive and a 3 GHz it’s fast enough. I’m really liking the Linux Mint environment and I allocated the majority of the disk space to it.


Another new foal in the barn this Saturday. I was on my way to the range shortly after 7AM when Wendy called to tell me about this little fellow. He arrived sometime between 6AM and 7AM.

I snapped the photo below around 6PM after I got home from the club.

Bandido at about 12 hours old

He is uniquely marked and we both agreed that “Bandido” is the correct name for him.

My son Stephen got a few more pictures of Bandido on Sunday when he got outside for the first time.

Strong’s Bandido
Getting some exercise


Sometime in the early hours of May 21st we had a new addition to the barn. Tia Maria had a newborn foal in her stall when Wendy went to the barn at 6 AM. He wasn’t there the night before when I did a barn check at 10 PM. My barn camera didn’t record the event because of a problem wth the memory card so we don’t know the exact time. I did get this photo from the barn camera later.

Wendy with Tia and Jalapeño

He’s a beautiful sorrel colour and we all agreed he’s a match for our “Pepper Boys”, Cayenne Pepper and Red Hot Chili Pepper. So I suggested we call him Jalapeño Pepper.

Jalapeño meets Chili and Cayenne

We got him oustide the very next day and he had a chance to meet the Pepper Boys. He’s gonna fit right in with that crowd.


Farmhouse Update – Kitchen Complete!

We put the finishing touches on the kitchen today and we can now call it complete!

When this job started, we thought we had prepared for everything. And most everything went smoothly, but it only takes one thing to mess things up. Our demolition went according to schedule. The new cabinets arrived and were installed on time. And they are perfect. We purchased a dishwasher way ahead of time and it was delivered. But then there was the sink.

That sink. I ordered it from because we needed an odd size and it was the only one we could find. To my surprise it shipped from New Jersey. Amazon didn’t indcate it was coming from outside the country. Anyway, it was late. Very late. Finally, I got a notice from Amazon saying they considered it lost in shipping and I could have a refund. Time was now critical. We needed a sink in the new kitchen and we needed it ASAP. So off we went to Home Depot and found a sink, smaller than we wanted but at lease it was a sink!

Arranged to have the plumber out to install the sink and dishwasher. They got started but then got called away on another job they said was an emergency. That was Friday. We painted the old cupboards to the exact same shade of white as the new cabinets on the weekend. The plumber returned on Monday and finished the job.

Oh, and that sink that Amazon lost? Well it showed up just hours after the replacement was installed!

We did some finishing touches today and called it done!

New cabintes with sink & dishwasher installed